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Reach Welcomes Stanley Lumapas

Stanley Lumapas, one of the most respected and accomplished technicians in Portland OR, is excited to start his new career at Reach Dental Equipment Service.

When asked about his decision to become part of the Reach team, he shared, " First, I was drawn to the type of technician who is joining Reach - individuals I am excited about working with. Second, I really enjoy working with our support team. From the first time that I talked with them, I knew they were friendly and caring. Everyone is cheering for each other. When you are on a team like that, you can't help but feel like you are going to win. It is a good feeling."

Stanley was asked what he is most excited about and he said, "To see how dedicated everyone is about the direction of the company." He feels the passion for technician success and delivering better service, "I feel super confident in what we are doing. I want to step on the field right away."

Finally, when asked how his life as a technician will change, he shared, "I feel that I am a technician with more purpose. I am now dedicated to the clients in my territory. I will know their equipment inside and out and my clients will know and trust me. I can bring my experience to help them with maintenance and make their jobs and lives easier. Reach provides for me and our clients a better package and it allows me to keep growing."

Everyone on the Reach team is very excited to welcome Stanley to our family.

To learn more about opportunities with Reach, visit us at

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