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Reach Recare: When little things mean a BIG thing!

It was just a loose lead apron holder and a misaligned drawer: nuisances certainly but not things that would bring a dental office to their knees. But to Stanley these little things were BIG things, things that he could fix quickly and make someone’s life better.

Reach Recare

Recently, I had the chance to work with Reach technician Stanley Lumapas as he performed a Reach Recare for Dr. Sue Walker in Milwaukie, OR. It was an absolute treat as the owner of a company with a profound focus on the client experience to see the incredible care Stanley put into inspecting and repairing the equipment. From stem to stern, he meticulously went through every piece of equipment, tightening, adjusting, lubricating and fixing anything less than ideal. He made detailed notes of everything he did so he could effectively report to the doctor the state of her equipment, any action he had taken, and any further recommendations.

What it means to our Technicians

Following the Recare, Stanley shared, “I feel like the doctor’s equipment is my equipment.” Reach’s culture is to take ownership —to continuously remove nuisances, eliminate emergency calls, and prolong the life of our clients’ equipment. He added, “If I can do these things, I provide the most value. Some of the things I fix seem small, but to me they are a big symbol of my commitment to taking care of my doctors.”

Commitment to Our Clients

I am fortunate to work with some of the finest dental service technicians, like Stanley, who are committed to delivering superior service and an exceptional client experience. Reach Recare is one of the ways we demonstrate this commitment. Seeing the repair of something small, like an apron holder or a drawer, is a really big thing. It assures me that we are taking care of the details for our clients and on track for building the finest service company in the dental industry.

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