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2023 - Another Year of Reach Growth

2023 was a terrific year for Reach growth! We are proud of our amazing team of technicians. Here are some success highlights:

Reach technicians achieved growth in 2023

We started four new territories in 2023, including Tulsa, Houston (2), and Nashville. Our technicians in these markets are recognized as amongst the best and consistently deliver exceptional service for our clients.  We are delighted they chose the Reach opportunity.  

Our client base grew by 63% and revenue grew by 47%.  This is the third straight year we have exceeded 40% revenue growth. A big part of our growth came from our new territories.

We added 13 manufacturer and parts provider partners in 2023, several being amongst the largest in the dental industry.  It is rewarding to see more manufacturers support our vision of helping the best technicians provide the highest level of service to the clients who buy their products.

Our technology ecosystem continues to grow, building tools for parts inventory management, technician production and commission reporting, and preventive maintenance support.  These investments allow for rapid and efficient growth.   

Our brand promotion and marketing efforts revolved around coaching our technicians and helping them with the marketing tools to effectively connect with potential clients and share our value story.  The authenticity of our techs and their strong desire to serve allows them to naturally engage with decision makers looking for better service. On average, they added 5-6 new clients each month, meeting goals and developing successful territories. 

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