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7 Ways Reach Technicians Succeed

Every Reach technician can shape their future and achieve the highest level of success. But, what does technician success look like?

1. Strong relationships with clients

Great technicians take ownership in their relationships with their clients. They build trust and confidence because their reliability and honesty. They take the time to know the office’s equipment inside and out and are always looking for ways to help it function at peak performance. Finally, they get to hear, “Without you keeping our equipment running, my practice would not function as well. We see you as our partner and consultant.”

2. Contribute to team success

Great technicians see the success of their team as their success. They are happy to share their knowledge and experience and elevate the performance of those around them. When any technician needs help, they jump in to assist because it helps a teammate and strengthens the company.

3. Recognized and rewarded for their hard work

Technicians who perform at a high level should be recognized and rewarded for their contributions. Their financial success is only limited by their efforts and ability to effectively serve their clients. The best technicians want an opportunity where their production is directly connected to their income.

4. Prepared for retirement and financial independence

Great technicians work to take care of others, help solve their problems and be a hero. Service can be a stressful and challenging career. In turn, technicians should receive the guidance, support, and encouragement to prepare for an amazing life when their technical career ends. The ability to live out their retirement dreams is an important part of their success.

5. Quality time with their family and friends

For many technicians, success comes from being able to spend time with family and friends, positively influence their children and be deeply involved in their lives. Having a life in harmony where work and family time fit together is an important part of this success. Having control, responsibility and ownership for their time gives great technicians the ability to spend quality time with their family and friends.

6. Contribute to their community

Great technicians have incredible skills and talents that can positively impact their communities. Many clients have a passion for helping those desperately in need of oral health care, and technicians can play a critical role in helping to deliver this care. They can support these efforts by using their skills to coordinate and set up the needed equipment. Their community is better and healthier because of the contributions they make.

7. Impact their industry

Hundreds of equipment manufacturers in the dental industry are designing, building and supporting products built to elevate dental office production and efficiency. To do this successfully, they need the feedback, guidance, and support from great technicians working with their products every day. These technicians can impact the success of the industry with their experience, thoughts, and advice.

At Reach Dental Equipment Service, our purpose and passion is technician success. Regardless of how a technician defines their success, Reach is built around and focused on helping them achieve it. Nothing is more important.

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