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Breaking Through: Technicians Reaching Their Goals

When you look at the Reach logo you notice three lines incorporated into the “R”. These lines stand for Potential, Goals, and Dreams. Helping technicians reach these areas is our purpose and the reason we exist.

The 3 lines in the Reach logo represent reaching your Potential, Goals, and Dreams

Each Reach technician has a very specific set of goals. Some of these goals are personal and some are professional. No two sets of goals are alike, just like our technicians.

When a technician decides to join our team, we ask them to think about all their goals, without limit. "Think BIG", we say. We find this is an exercise that most of our technicians have not gone through with previous employers, and they struggle. But once they are given the freedom and encouragement, they start to break free from past limitations. They start to think about growth, rewards, recognition, and income associated with being a Reach Technician. They also begin to imagine goals attached to family, community, and retirement. Anne Baer, Reach Director of Operations and Technician Success, shares, "Being a technician at Reach is about more than doing the daily tasks and getting your hourly wage. It is about striving for your goals and achieving what is possible. We want each of our teammates to feel supported and encouraged in reaching goals that are important to them. The three stripes in our logo are meaningful as they reflect that purpose."

To learn more about how Reach supports technicians in accomplishing their goals, connect with us, and we can explore how you can become part of the Reach team.




Great summary of potential, goals and dreams.

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