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Dental Assistants Need Good Partners to Make Things Easier

A recent report from the Dental Assisting National Board shows dental assistants feel increased levels of stress associated with their jobs. COVID protocols have added another layer of responsibility. Dental office partners should recognize the pressures for these professionals and find ways to reduce the stress.

Four ideas to make things easier

So, what can equipment service partners do to make an assistant’s job easier? Here are four ideas:

1. Suggest products that eliminate or make daily tasks easier. An example is water treatment straws. Install them once and forget about them for the next six or 12 months.

2. Provide training on daily and weekly maintenance tasks, helping assistants be more efficient and confident.

3. Conduct semi-annual preventive maintenance to remove nuisances associated with equipment, making daily use easier and less frustrating.

4. Make the service request process incredibly easy – like requesting a ride from Uber.

If a service provider helps in these four areas, they will help reduce stress at a time just when it is needed most.

Reach Dental Equipment Service recognizes the increased workload and stress placed on dental assistants. We see it as our duty to eliminate the stress associated with equipment. In doing so, we become an invaluable partner and resource. To learn more about Reach or request service, visit


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