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Four Things Every Office Manager Should Look For In A Service Provider

An Office Manager plays an important role in finding the right equipment service provider. They can identify a partner who understands the importance of keeping the schedule and production on track, works to keep costs down, helps the dental team be efficient, and focuses on extending equipment life.

Successfully identifying the best service provider involves four things:

Proactive and Preventive Service

Find a company that is proactive and preventive, provides peace of mind, and a trusted technician who regularly looks after vital equipment. Ask the service provider if preventive care is a regular part of what they do for their clients and if they have proven systems and checklists in place.

An Educator for Maintenance

Look for a service provider who helps the team be efficient and effective in daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance. Are they experienced and willing to educate your staff? Do they have videos that serve as a go-to resource to help the team be confident in their maintenance skills?

Trusted Advisor on Equipment

Identify a company that focuses on making equipment last, keeping it running and looking good. Find someone not motivated by equipment sales -- someone who serves as an unbiased and trusted advisor. Equipment, if well maintained, can last many years and provide an incredible return on investment.

Efficient and Affordable

Find a company that is innovative, efficient and has found ways to make service more affordable. Explore their rates and savings for your office. A 20% rate savings is worth about $60 on each call, or about $700 per year.

An Office Manager can play an important role in finding a company that delivers better and more affordable service -- a company that eliminates stress associated with equipment. Looking for these four things helps in making a great choice.

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