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Good, Fast, and Less Expensive Service. Yes, you can have all three!

People are often told to “pick two” from the options of quality, speed, and price but you can’t have all three. But Reach set out to prove you can have all three. The answer to “How?” resides in the fourth element which is smart.

Reach techs provide good, fast, and less expensive service.

Hiring smart

When you hire smart and only select high quality technicians who have a passion for exceptional customer service, they deliver great service experiences. Quality – check!

Focus and a smart territory

When great technicians only perform equipment repair and maintenance and work in a small geographic area, they respond quickly. Because they are not distracted by equipment installations and are located near their clients, they are ultra-responsive to repair needs. This is smart! Additionally, when technicians are rewarded for client retention and happiness, they are motivated to respond quickly. Fast – check!

Efficiency is smart

Finally, when an organization is smart, it constantly challenges itself to be efficient. Always trying to simplify processes, elevate accuracy, and do tasks with fewer steps, we constantly look to control costs. Clients benefit from lower costs in the form of lower labor rates. Less expensive – check!

Delivering Good, Fast, and Less Expensive service is possible, but it takes doing things in a smart way. We are proud to combine all four factors at Reach.

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