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Keeping Your Schedule on Track

An Office Manager is responsible for keeping the schedule on track and production maximized. If key equipment (compressor, vacuum, sterilizer) fails, production is compromised, and patients are inconvenienced. Unfortunately, for many offices their technical service relationship is limited to a “break-fix” relationship. No one is providing proactive service, leaving the office to deal with the challenges and stress of critical equipment failure.

Preventive Service

But it doesn’t need to be that way. The best service provides proactive equipment care, performing regular inspections, monitoring system performance, and replacing worn components, all on a regular and predictable basis. This type of service helps to avoid emergencies and keeps a schedule and production on track.

Like Preventive Oral Care

Dental offices understand and prescribe to this preventive philosophy with their patients. They recommend regular X-rays, examinations, perio-charting, and cleanings. They don’t tell patients to visit only when they have a dental emergency since they know it is not best for the patient’s oral health. The same approach applies to keeping equipment healthy. The good service companies regularly provide preventive maintenance in a comprehensive and consultative manner. They work to eliminate equipment emergencies and the associated stress.

A Partner who Understands

So if you are an Office Manager, seek out an equipment service provider who understands the importance of keeping your schedule on track – the kind of company that offers proactive service to protect your production.

Reach Dental Equipment Service offers Reach Recare, preventive maintenance service. Approximately 70% of our clients choose this service to eliminate their stress and protect

their production. To learn more, visit


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