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Manufacturer and Technician Partnership - The Reach Vision

A Strong Belief in Partnerships

We believe in strong partnerships with our dental equipment manufacturers. Our vision includes solving problems together, sharing knowledge through training and field experience, and elevating product functionality to better serve dental offices.

Reach technicians are all very experienced and considered to be among the finest in the markets we serve. They focus on helping ensure our clients’ equipment runs well and providing unbiased advice about equipment needs, making them the perfect go-to resource.

What Does a Manufacturer Get in the Partnership?

Our manufacturer partners get the value of a field perspective for engineering, design, construction, documentation and training. This perspective is critical to ensure products can be successfully sold, maintained and repaired. At Reach, we believe we have a leadership responsibility to provide this perspective, to be accessible, and to make communication convenient.

What Does a Technician Get in the Partnership?

In strong partnerships with manufacturers, Reach technicians get the opportunity to make a difference in our industry. They can influence how equipment functions and how it is best maintained and repaired. They can also play an important role in shaping the future by making IoT a key part of performance monitoring and communication. Ultimately, Reach technicians want to leave a legacy. Making a difference for our manufacturer partners and our clients is one of the most important things they can do.

A tremendous opportunity exists for equipment manufacturers and Reach to partner in ways that ultimately better serve our mutual clients: the dental offices that use your products and our service.

To explore how we can build a great partnership, please contact Greg Biersack, Reach CEO & Founder, at


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