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Reach Brings Innovation to Clients and the Dental Industry

Press Release 3/4/2020

Reach Dental Equipment Service is excited to announce the introduction of Reach Reverse, a reverse auction site that supports dental offices making equipment purchases more effectively.

Reach technicians, working in collaboration with their clients, can post desired purchases to Reach Reverse and authorized sellers can compete for the sales.

Greg Biersack, Reach CEO shared, “I am excited to offer this service to our clients. We surveyed all our clients about the idea and 90% of respondents said they would use it. It is incredibly easy for the dentist, costs them nothing, and increases competition for their purchases, ultimately saving them money. This service creates fairness for equipment sellers and is common in other industries. We are glad to bring it to the dental industry.”

Dental Offices receive the benefit of getting buying advice from their Reach technician, an unbiased, trusted advisor and then easily having authorized equipment sellers compete for their purchase. To learn more, go to

Equipment Sellers are afforded the chance to easily bid on equipment referrals, giving them access to sales opportunities previous unknown about. To become a registered equipment seller, send an email request to

Equipment manufacturers, Reach technicians serve as trusted advisors to our clients and recommend products based on product quality and service support. To establish a service partnership with Reach and have our technicians recommend your products, contact us at

Service Technicians, to learn more about your invaluable role and the recognition you receive in Reach Reverse, please send an email to Greg Biersack


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