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Reach Dental Equipment Service Announces Strategic Partnership with The Dentists Supply Company

Partnership Helps Deliver Exceptional Service to Dental Practices

Tacoma, WA – February 13, 2020 – Reach Dental Equipment Service (Reach), an innovative dental equipment repair and maintenance company, today announced a strategic partnership with The Dentists Supply Company (TDSC), an online dental supply company dedicated to providing members of organized dentistry with savings on dental supplies and small equipment.

“Both Reach and TDSC are focused on providing high quality service, pricing integrity, affordability and freedom for the private practice to choose the individual service that is best for their practice,” said Greg Biersack, Chief Executive Officer of Reach. “Dentists are looking for better technical service at more affordable rates. They also want the freedom to select partners who concentrate on being the best in their area of focus. We are excited to be affiliated with TDSC and to support their customers in the markets we serve.”

“Reach’s dedication to delivering exceptional service to private practice dentistry aligns with our purpose of helping dentists retain their independence. Their focus on efficiency and keeping the costs of service low also aligns with our efforts to support member dentists as they optimize their overhead costs ,” said Jim Wiggett, Chief Executive Officer at TDSC. “Now dentists have the freedom to choose TDSC for their supplies without having to worry about where they will get service.”

About Reach Dental Equipment Service

Founded in 2017, Reach focuses on helping the finest technicians succeed in delivering the best service at more affordable rates. Based on dentist feedback, the company does three things to deliver better service. First, the dental office consistently has the same trusted technician, improving communication and elevating service. Second, in the same way a dental office recommends preventive care to patients, Reach provides proactive and preventive care for equipment. Third, Reach makes the process of requesting service incredibly easy, breaking away from traditional models, they directly connect clients with their technician through a simple web-app. This elevated level of service is accompanied by service rates normally 15-25% lower than supply company service rates. For more information, visit

About The Dentists Supply Company

The Dentists Supply Company (TDSC) leverages collective purchasing power to attain better supply pricing for practices of every size. Founded as a subsidiary of the California Dental Association, TDSC now provides significant savings on dental supplies from authorized sources with free shipping on every order to state dental association members nationally For more information, visit

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Feb 15, 2020

It sounds like a good partnership. One that will benefit both companies and the Dental offices using the combined services..

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