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Saving Headaches and Money! A story of great service

This is the story about Dr. Vu at Wellness Dental and Reach technician Darold Slack.

A potentially expensive move

During a regular service call, Dr. Vu asked Darold the cost to swap locations of her sterilization room and lab. Darold shared he was concerned this change would be very expensive since she would need to move equipment and modify cabinets. When he inquired why she wanted to make the change, Dr Vu shared, “There is no room for an ultrasonic cleaner and no air for a handpiece maintenance station.”

Looking for alternatives

Darold dove into the situation and looked at the current compressed air layout. He found he could access air in the existing sterilization area relatively easily and inexpensively by going underneath the sink. His next step was to have a customized countertop built for the ultrasonic cleaner that made room for her handpiece maintenance station.

Saving stress and money

So instead of moving her sterilization and lab, which would have cost thousands of dollars, Darold made minor modifications at low costs to provide room for the needed equipment. Dr. Vu now has everything she needs in one place and is a very happy Reach client.

It is the purpose of Reach Dental Equipment Service to eliminate stress associated with equipment. To learn more how we do this for hundreds of doctors like Dr. Vu, please visit


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