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Show Me the Light! A story of great service.

A light is not working

Let me tell you a story about the office of Dr. R. They had an older light that was not working and had a technician from one of the supply companies come in and look at it. The technician determined the light was too old and obsolete and no parts were available. They were told nothing could be done to fix it, and they would have to buy something new.

The help of an expert

Stanley Lumapas, the Reach technician in the area, visited the office several weeks before the light stopped functioning to introduce himself and drop off his card. Unsatisfied with the response from the previous technician, they called Stanley and asked for his help and advice. Terry from the office said, “Help! We have a light we do not know what to do with. It’s not working. The other technician said it's obsolete. We don't know how to get it fixed. Should we just look at a new light in its place?” Stanley responded, “I would be happy to take a look at it and make sure they covered all the bases when they were there. There are some technicians who may not have experience with that model of light. I just want to make sure we have looked at everything.”

Problem solved

Stanley visited the office and, after a little troubleshooting, found the socket was a bit worn so the bulb wasn't making a good connection. He cleaned off some of the oxidation to get the light working. To create a more permanent repair, he sourced a new socket. Stanley shared, “The office is ecstatic that I was able to come in and take care of something they were told was not serviceable. We have a client that now calls and texts whenever they have questions about their equipment. I am so glad I was able to help eliminate the stress they were having with this light.”

It’s a story that’s about more than a light. It is about a great technician who is driven to help eliminate stress for his clients.

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Feb 02, 2021

Congratulations to all at Reach for making customer service a significant part of your business.


Jan 19, 2021

Good service , much appreciated.

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