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Technicians: Reaching your Potential

When you look at the Reach logo you notice three lines incorporated into the “R”. These lines stand for Potential, Goals, and Dreams. Helping technicians reach these areas is our purpose and the reason we exist.

The Reach logo that represents a technician reaching their potential, goals, and dreams

We focus on four areas when it comes to a technician’s potential: 1. Serving your clients

There are many things a technician can do for their clients-- the potential is incredible. They can:

  • provide regular preventive equipment care,

  • help clients plan for purchases and serve as an equipment purchase advisor,

  • remove regular equipment nuisances,

  • educate staff members to maintain equipment,

  • recommend products that make equipment run well,

  • serve as a conduit to equipment and technology manufacturers/providers,

  • keep track of repairs performed,

  • respond quickly and make requesting service easy,

  • provide value and work to keep repair costs down.

Reach provides technicians with the encouragement, support, systems, and recognition to achieve their potential in serving their clients.

2. Contributing to your community and industry

Technicians have the potential to make a major impact on their community by lending their skills, knowledge, and connections to help those providing oral health care to the under-served. These generous dentists need the help of talented technicians to make equipment function, often in non-dental settings. Additionally, the dental industry needs the perspective and wisdom of experienced technicians to design, engineer, and manufacture superior products. This influence results in products that last longer, function better, and are easier to maintain. Reach encourages our technicians to share their knowledge and talents, making their community a better place and the industry more impactful.

3. Helping your teammates

At Reach, we foster deep connections between technicians, celebrating the “Power of Many”, and knowing great technicians reach their potential by helping their teammates. Each technician comes with different skills, different experiences, and different training. When combined, a powerful force is created which allows each teammate to serve their clients with more than just their set of skills. The ongoing communication between our team members allows expertise to be shared, thus forming a platform for continuing education.

4. Supporting your family

The strength of our families and the depth of those relationships can grow when encouragement, time, and clarity around this role is emphasized. It is too easy to allow work to control our lives when unchecked. Before you know it, work time has gobbled family time, and these pieces are out of harmony. But a technician’s potential in building strong relationships can grow when they have more control of their time, have more resources for special family experiences, and are encouraged to place emphasis on this role. Reach was created to give technicians the control and rewards to build strong bonds with their families.

To learn more about how Reach supports technicians in achieving their potential, connect with us and we can explore how you can become part of the Reach team.


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