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The Client Experience Defines the Reach Brand

Importance of the Client Experience

When a new Reach technician goes through orientation, we emphasize the importance of the experience a technician delivers and how it creates the Reach brand. We share that everything a technician does in engaging with potential and existing clients, no matter how small, creates an experience. These experiences shape how people feel about the company and our brand. For instance, when a technician visits a potential client, the way they say hello, share information, provide something of value, or give a small gift makes a big difference in how that office feels about our brand.

Reach technician delivering a great client experience

The Starbucks Example

Starbucks is often used as the gold standard in building a brand through an experience. When they first started, Starbucks emphasized barista training and the experience the barista created for their patrons. It was the focus of their “marketing” efforts, underscoring the most important part of building the brand was the way a barista made a person feel combined with the consistency and quality of the drink they created. No commercial, billboard, or ad could make a person loyal to the brand like a friendly, well-trained barista. Starbucks built their coffee empire and their brand on consistently offering that singular experience.

Client Feelings Build the Brand

Like other successful companies, Reach builds our brand through the experiences our technicians create. Each potential client should leave any encounter with a Reach technician saying, “That is cool! That is innovative! That is fun! That is better!” And after every service call a client should say, “That was helpful! That was easy! That was valuable! That solved our problem!” These client feelings build confidence, loyalty, trust, advocacy, and ultimately a successful brand.

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Mar 12
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I agree completely.


Mar 12

We shape the client experience in every interaction.

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