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The Crucial Connection: Technicians and Reach Leadership

We built Reach with the purpose of having a strong connection between technicians and team leadership. These relationships foster creativity, success, and a lot of fun. And what good is success if you aren't having fun accomplishing it?

Connections = Amazing

Why is this connection so vital? Technicians are the boots on the ground, the ones who solve problems, maintain client relationships, and promote our brand. They are the center of our organization, and their expertise is invaluable. Reach leadership is responsible for supporting, coaching, cheering, and rewarding our technicians. Because these two groups are so well-connected, amazing things happen.

Alignment of Purpose and Action

One of the most significant benefits of this connection is the alignment of purpose and everyday actions. Because Reach technicians have ownership in eliminating stress for their clients, this drives the tasks the entire team undertakes to be consistent, proactive, fast, and affordable. This partnership results in the joy of doing things together and doing things right.

Technician Innovation

Reach connections and team relationships foster innovation as technicians have a unique perspective of ground-level challenges and opportunities. Because they are closely connected with leadership, they can share their insights and ideas, leading to creative solutions that continually move the company forward. Technicians feel heard and valued, boosting morale and job satisfaction.

Communicating Often

Regular communication and sharing are the keys to maintaining this connection. Daily conversations and texts, bi-weekly Tech Connections, quarterly check-ins and Reach Rallies, and semi-annual co-travels stimulate an environment where questions and ideas are welcomed, and camaraderie is built within the team.

The importance of technicians who are truly connected with Reach leadership cannot be overstated. This connection drives alignment, innovation, and a positive culture. It's a winning situation for the entire team. So, if you're a technician who is looking for a place where a connection to your leadership team is a positive source of your happiness and success, look no farther than Reach.

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Nov 18, 2023
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