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The Value of Service Technician Consistency

“We get OUR technician every time.”

“He knows our equipment inside and out.”

“When we contact him, he knows exactly what we are talking about.”

“He sees our equipment as his equipment.”

“We see him as part of our team.”

These quotes are the result of a service philosophy built on the consistency of a dedicated technician.

Reach service technicians give clients consistency

What Dentists Asked For

When we started Reach, we asked dentists what they wanted in a service provider. The overwhelming response was, “We want OUR guy. We don’t want a parade of different and inexperienced technicians coming to our office.”

The Reach Response

In response, we made a dedicated technician the cornerstone of our service offering and believe it has been the key ingredient in positive client feedback and robust growth. This decision resulted in a high level of trust, where technicians are viewed as a partner with the dental office, providing preventive maintenance, equipment care education, and phone trouble-shooting capabilities. Reach technician, Darold Slack, shared, “I have a strong feeling of ownership with my clients’ equipment. I service the equipment as if it is mine, and my clients see me as an advisor and teammate.”

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