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"I get to do what I love." | The Reach Technician Experience

Stanley Lumapas is one of the most experienced, talented and respected technicians in the Portland OR area. He shares his thoughts about being part of the Reach team.

Q: What is the most positive aspect of being part of Reach?

A: There are really three things that come to mind.

First, although the company “Why” (Technician Success) was communicated when I first started, it has been how the “Why” is lived out on a daily basis that has made the difference. I can’t stress this enough. My company really wants me to succeed in taking care of my clients.

Second, I feel like I get to be part of the dental community in my territory. I talk with my clients about our towns, our schools, our events and our families. There is a sense of camaraderie. It feels great!

Finally, I get to do what I love. It is a great way to provide for my family. I serve my clients with integrity and provide real value. I am there for them to help them and relieve their stress. My family gets to experience my happiness and see how I am able to serve my clients.

Q: How has the Reach experience aligned with your vision and hopes?

A: I came to Reach because I wanted to be encouraged, supported, and recognized for delivering exceptional service. It was important to me to build close relationships with my clients and be seen as their advisor. My ability to live out my hopes and vision has been fulfilled. Everyday, I see my clients knowing that I will be able to do everything humanly possible to prevent problems, solve challenges, and exceed their expectations. There is nothing to hold me back. None of the frustrations that made this tough for me in the past.

Q: How has the support you receive matched with a company focus on technician success?

A: My team is always there for me. I have conversations daily with our leaders, on good days and when I am having challenges. They help me with my questions, enroll me in brainstorming company improvements, and coach me to reach my potential. In this role, I get to go beyond the technical part of the job. My team is there to help me grow and always work to get better.

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Jun 21, 2021

Keep up the good work. You will continue your success.

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