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An Innovative Model for the Dental Equipment Service Industry

Reach Dental Equipment Service is serving as the innovator for how repair and maintenance is conducted in the dental industry. From the responsibility and reward of the technician to the way that clients are served, everything is new and creative.

For the Dental Office

At Reach, the client is now connected to and consistently served by the same technician who they know and trust. They also have access to preventative and proactive care. Finally, Reach gives them the tools to make the service process incredibly easy. Everything is rethought and driven by, “What if…” thinking. Reach founder and CEO, Greg Biersack, shared, “We are the innovator in this space. We are going to reinvent the service process and the service relationship."

For the Service Technician

Technicians have a new and more rewarding role in how they engage with their clients. They manage the relationship and help clients experience unprecedented ease and elevated service. Greg continues, "Our technicians really enjoy being closely connected to their clients and being able to be proactive. They love the feeling that comes from being a trusted advisor. We believe that the model we have built in the dental industry will serve as the template for successful service in all industries.”

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