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Another Great Quarter of Technician Success

Once again, we put on the rally caps and celebrated technician and company success at Reach Rally. Today, we recognized the accomplishments from Q3 of 2023. The achievements were numerous, so we had lots of smile time.

The Reach team celebrating technician success.

Accomplishments celebrated included:

1. We welcomed another great technician. In September, Keith Brott of Houston TX joined our team.

2. Brandon Sharp surpassed 75 clients. He just keeps growing!

3. Blake Provin surpassed 50 clients. His growth it directly tied to his amazing service!

4. David Baker blew past 25 clients, proving authentic, friendly, and helpful technicians make great brand promoters.

5. The team added 73 new clients in the quarter with David Baker leading the way with 22.

6. Revenue continues to rapidly grow as we celebrated a 70% increase over Q3 2022.

7. We recognized the marketing and brand promotion achievements that included: Service Done Right podcasts, blog posts, email messages, and LI posts & connections. Great teamwork!

8. Finally, each member of the team shared their top accomplishment from Q3. It was fun to see these celebrated.

It is always a blast enjoying the camaraderie of our team and experiencing the joy of our accomplishments.

If you would like to explore being part of a company that regularly celebrates and rewards technicians, connect with us here.

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