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Another One of Nashville's Best Joins the Reach Team

Reach is thrilled to welcome Brandon Thomas to our team.

Brandon shares, "I chose to be part of the Reach team because I get to build strong relationships with my clients and provide them with the highest level of service. I am now able to commit the time and attention to them in the way they need and deserve. Additionally, Reach's focus on eliminating stress aligns with my personal approach to service, allowing me to give the "white glove' treatment. Finally, I look forward to being an important part of the Reach culture and building recognition of our brand in the industry."

Greg Biersack, Reach CEO and Business Development Coach, shares, “ I have loved getting to know Brandon. In addition to being a top notch technician, he is a warm and friendly person with a deep desire to build relationships and deliver exceptional service. I am excited to work with him and support him in reaching his goals and dreams. Brandon is another example of how we are adding the best-of-the-best to our team."

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