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Breaking Free from the Status Quo

Differentiate Yourself

When revolutionizing an industry, you have to think differently. What makes your service, or product so unique that customers, industry contacts, and potential teammates say, “Wow, that is really different. I want that!”? To be different, you must be willing to break free from the status quo and revolt against tradition. It can be hard to shift your thinking, so you must be prepared to challenge yourself.

Greg Biersack explains breaking free from the status quo.

Challenge everything

When we started Reach, we challenged everything: how to reward technicians, company structure, vehicle selection and ownership, service requests and dispatch, preventive maintenance process, and the technician/client relationship. We found the status quo restricted technician productivity and earnings. It made service inefficient and expensive for clients. And it created challenges for manufacturers. We wanted to make service amazing for everyone involved. That would only happen with doing things in a different and better way.

Be willing to revolt

In establishing a whole new way of doing service, we created dedicated technician territories, rewarded technicians for productivity and growth, built detailed preventive maintenance systems, provided resources to offices to reduce service calls, and shared equipment referrals with manufacturing partners. All of these things and more innovate the service industry, moving away from status quo and making service better for the customer, technician, and manufacturer.

The world of successful businesses is filled with those who were willing to revolt.

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