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Good Partners Make Things Easier for Dental Assistants

A recent report from the Dental Assisting National Board shows dental assistants feel increased levels of stress associated with their jobs. Organizations that work with dental offices should recognize the pressures on these professionals and find ways to reduce the stress.

Four things a good equipment service provider does to make things easier for dental assistants:

1. They suggest products that eliminate or make daily tasks easier. An example is water treatment straws. Install them once and forget about them for the next six or 12 months.

2. They provide training and tools to make daily/weekly/monthly maintenance tasks easier and help assistants feel more confident. Reach Tips maintenance videos and the Reach Maintenance Checklist are examples of this support.

3. They conduct semi-annual preventive maintenance to remove nuisances associated with equipment, making daily use easier and less frustrating. Reach Recare provides a detailed equipment check and treatment plan, reducing stress associated with regular problems.

4. They make service requests incredibly easy – like requesting a ride from Uber. With Reach Connect, enter the equipment item, problem, and urgency and your tech gets directly notified, eliminating the stress of waiting on hold and wondering if the dispatcher will send someone.

If an equipment service provider helps in these four areas, they will help reduce stress for dental assistants and allow them to focus on patient care.

Reach Dental Equipment Service helps to eliminate stress associated with equipment. In doing so, we become an invaluable partner and resource. To learn more about Reach or request service, visit


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