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Passionate About Prevention - Reach Recare

Making clients happy with Reach Recare

When you hear the word “Recare”, most people think of twice-yearly dental visits to their dentist. Your teeth are cleaned, and any dental care is planned for the coming year. And that’s precisely the same philosophy behind Reach’s Recare program. Carlos Munoz, one of our experienced technicians in the Austin TX area, describes why Reach’s preventive maintenance appeals to his clients.

Q: What’s the goal for the Reach Recare program?

It comes down to prolonging the life span of my clients’ equipment and preventing surprises. By inspecting everything in their office every six months, I prevent nuisances. That includes a sudden halt to production whether in the middle of a procedure or in the middle of the day. My clients have peace of mind knowing their equipment has been tended to.

I like to compare it to getting a physical, doing a check-in with a professional. You invest some time to stay ahead of surprises and be prepared.

Q: What does Recare look like?

I carefully inspect everything from the floor up and ceiling down. Operatories, sterilization area, mechanical room and lab are all reviewed. I use a thorough checklist for each room, taking care of any small fixes as I go. Once I’m done with the initial inspection, I gather all my notes into a report. I sit down with the doctor, practice manager and lead assistant to look it over. Anything I find is ranked in priority so we can create a plan for fixing those items in the next few weeks or months. It’s great way to stay ahead of repairs and budget for any bigger items.

Q: Can you describe some of the fixes you’ve spotted during Recare?

Some are just nuisance things and others are potentially scary. In one office, their bottle retainers were installed with only half of the required screws. It made the assistants’ job of putting on the water bottles a real pain. After fixing them, the feedback was how such a small thing made their day easier and faster.

At one pediatric office, it was a bigger deal. I noticed the screws holding the chair bases were backing themselves out. If it hadn’t been spotted and repaired, the entire base would have dropped completely, potentially injuring a child.

Q: Any final thoughts on why a dental office should do Recare?

You made an investment in your equipment. Keep it healthy by extending its life. And give yourself peace of mind that I’ll spot any potential issues and resolve them with you. It’s a smart move.

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