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Reach Spotlight Partner – Capitol City Press

As a new business, success is infinitely easier by working with partners who understand your vision and embrace your purpose.

You need strong partners

When Reach started in 2017, we knew we needed a strong partner to support our brand development and promotional efforts. Capitol City Press (CCP) went far beyond being our printer to serve as our partner. They worked with us to develop creative solutions to introduce our services in new markets and helped build an experience for new clients. They were with us every step of the way as we went from a mere business concept to a fully built brand.

Responsive and efficient

As a quickly growing business carefully monitoring cash, we faced the challenge of effectively managing our marketing tools. Easy access to an on-line catalog with the ability to order and ship quickly allowed us to be highly responsive to our technicians and still control expenses. Our relationship manager created a Print Ready Now site with just Reach materials. The site enabled us to order items with just a few clicks, keeping the process simple and allowing us to be lean and efficient.

Feeling premier

Although we are a newer company, CCP always makes us feel like a premier client. They consistently invest in Reach to help us grow and succeed. I think they understand our success is ultimately their success. Mike McKnight, CCP President, and his team have played a critical part in our growth. They have supported us, coached us, challenged us, and celebrated with us. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.

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