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The Heart of Marketing is the Employee Experience

There are two things any company can do to strengthen its brand and grow its business: hire people whose beliefs align with the company’s and provide the environment for a great employee experience. It requires:

  • vigilance, patience and persistence in the hiring process. A good match determines if an employee seizes the opportunity for a great experience.

  • a caring, respectful and supportive culture and leadership team.

  • a willingness to push, challenge and hold employees accountable. These steps help a person improve, grow and achieve higher levels of success.

When a person truly feels their company cares about their success, they become the strongest possible advocate. They share their excitement about the company with family, friends, clients and potential clients. Their excitement and enthusiasm simply ooze out of them and people can’t help but be drawn to it. No advertisement, brochure or social media post can match the emotional impact.

In one of my favorite books, Tribal Knowledge, author John Moore shares about the Starbucks’ employee experience and its importance in building the brand:

“The best culture a company can hope for is one where employees are so loyal that they spread the word of the company and its services with fierce passion. They talk about the values it endorses and the ways in which their lives are enhanced. They go beyond being minions to being missionaries.”

Our purpose at Reach is to help our technicians succeed. Every experience we provide points toward this end. A thoughtful and patient interview process helps technicians and the company ensure a good fit. Orientation is thorough and centered on relationship-building. Daily coaching provides opportunities for growth and improvement. Monthly check-ins support sharing, encouragement and recognition, and quarterly team meetings celebrate accomplishments, both personal and team-based. These experiences create a strong bond with the company and result in our technicians enthusiastically sharing our value to our clients. There can be no more powerful marketing tool.

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Feb 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Bringing joy to your employees helps bring excellence to their work.

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